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I've realized that although I've continued to write fics to satisfy the little hamster running around in my head, I haven't actually posted anything up in a while, so I'm going to post something up in each fandom (Prince of Tennis, Ouran HSHC, Trinity Blood, and Phantom of the Opera) as a make-up. I hope no one minds. Some of it is already up in ff.net. Most of it is going up on ff.net.

Title: Guardian, Part I
Fandom: Ouran
Pairing(s): KyouHaru, TamaHaru
Genre: ??? a gen-mix
Summary: It had to hurt to see the people you love most in the world be happy with each, but you promised to protect them... even if it meant from yourself.
This is a (Belated) B-Day fic for Zanisha!  I hope you like it. It is dedicated to her and her very beautiful Ouran ficcies.


Part I... )


Title: Momentum, A Drabble Series
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing(s): Tezuryo
Genre: General with a healthy dose (or maybe not so healthy dose) of fluff
Summary: Momentum (p) = mass times velocity.
Warning: This is just something that had popped into my head randomly and is probably also a product of the unhealthy amount of AP Physics that has just overshadowed my Senior year. There is only a hint of a plot in this series and fluffiness in a way that I have never written it before, so I'm afraid of OOC-ness, but please give it a shot . (^^)" The title explains itself eventually.


Title: An Observation of Duality
Fandom: Trinity Blood
Pairing(s): None
Genre: General/Reflective
Summary: She noticed everything. It was the way she saw life.
Warning: First attempt at a TB fic.


I'll post the PotO next time... maybe. (^^)" I just posted for all the the anime fandoms I've written for.


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