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Title: Changing Winds
Fandom: X-Men
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairings: President McKenna, Hank McCoy, Logan (hints of Logan/Jean and Scott/Jean)
Summary: Post X3 and the Alcatraz/Dark Phoenix incident. (Spoilers)
A/N: This was written as an exchange of sorts for [livejournal.com profile] phoenix_cry. I hope it's okay and fits what you wanted. It's my first attempt to write for X-Men though I've loved it since childhood. (Jean was probably the character that started off my fascination for red-heads apparently.) :)

Ashes, ashes... )
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I've been revisting so many lifetime loves recently. (^^) I should probably start studying for my make-up finals soon, but my uncle has an awesome movie collection.

He had Grand Canyon! I was so excited, and I finally saw Mary in it. I rewatched several wonderful bsg episodes. I also rewatched Underworld the other day, X2:X-men United yesterday, and I began re-watching The Phantom of the Opera today. I am still utterly fascinated by that storyline, though a bit altered from the original Leroux version by Webber. I believe my favorite version will probably alway's be in Susan Kay's multi-perspective Phantom, her own version with both combined Leroux's and Webber's influences. 

Two of my favorite scenes from the movie is above. (The choreography is utterly stunning.)

As for re-visiting great loves, my music collection is kind of getting a very strong workout, as well as re-reading beloved fics. The only thing I'm missing is a nice collection of books. I only have one with me at the moment, which I'm sort of afraid of finishing actually. It's a memoir, and it is quite fascinating. 

Oh! I'm also watching a Chinese TVB drama series with one of my favorite Chinese actors in it. I absolutely adore most of his work. He's pretty incredible and nicely intense.  And because I don't actually know how to embed correctly, the opening to one of my favorite dramas with him in it is the first vid above... (^^)"

EDIT: Uhmm... nevermind, embedding... I fail at it.


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