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Okay, I'm trying to calm down, so BSG squeeing shall come later in this entry under a cut... (^^)" Anyways, this week, has not... *sigh* I should rephrase that: it has been one of the harder weeks since before break. (--)" I had a huge paper due Monday, and then two midterms, which were BAD, and I mean quite literally bad. The LifeSciences one was quite possibly, personally, one of the worst tests I have ever taken. My mind had so much trouble working through it, and I just simply, figuratively and literally, didn't have enough time to even think. The Physical Sciences one was just... (-_-)' Anyways, enough of the blah stuff. 

Now focusing on the good: Despite a research paper for LS and a ton of Latin, I have a small break in the seemingly endless stream of work, and I've spent my first relaxed day in a long while relatively happy. Latin class in the morning, came back and read a bit, took a three hour nap, woke up and read a bit more, went for an hour walk and brought some CD's which I shall be listening to. Then I played one of my friend's computer games called "Portals" which really tweaks the mind, but is pretty fun. (^_^) Finally, there was BSG.

The acting in this epi was superb. Katee really knocked it out of the ballpark, EJO was wonderful, and Mary... Gosh Mary... (; _ ;)

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Uhmm... so yes, I have been sick for the past two days and an unsightly ton of work to look forward to, but for the moment I am quite content to just do this: 

Oh WOW... Oh wowwowwowwowowowowowww! 

I'm just a teensy bit out of my mind at the moment with my head still hurting but with watching the premier of Battlestar Galactica... It was amazingawesomefantastic... And just... oh wow... there were times where I thought it lagged a bit, but he A/R moments more than made up for it, and gosh... it was so worth going TV-hunting on campus for. Just... I love Laura Roslin and Mary... Mary was just... her facial expressions... gosh.... and Bill's/Eddie's dilemma. He made it so real for the viewers, and just... (0_0)...

Now... I have fanfiction... with Latin, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Expository Writing. Hence, my need for a little bit of extreme goodness/funness in my life. And Gosh... I CAN'T wait a week... just Kara and Laura... (*_*) 


On the other hand... I'm having fun listening to the BSG soudtrack. (^_^) It's way pretty.


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