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For a moment, it didn't even register until I saw [livejournal.com profile] zinke's post, but... wow, it's been nine years. Nine whole years, and so much has changed and so much has remained the same.

Today, the sky is a perfect blue, the trees are still vividly green and full of leaves, and the sun seems to shine on everything... It's so beautiful to see so much life continuing and growing even out of the ashes of tragedy, and as [livejournal.com profile] zinke worded it so perfectly - it IS hopeful.

HUM by Ann Lauterbach

The days are beautiful. )

Found here.

When we studied it at university, there were so many technical things that came up, her use of contrast, the double line stanza that resembled two towers... but my personal hope was to see exactly how beautiful those days can still be, and how much life can still rise up from it, so here it is: The days are still beautiful, and there's still so much life to come.
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Directly from website (thankfully provided by[info]amethysth):

"You can view the short film for HMD 2010 on our website. The film focuses on survivors’ stories and is narrated by actor Daniel Radcliffe, a prominent supporter of HMD. Each of the Holocaust survivors featured – Ben Helfgott, Iby Knill and Lily Ebert – tell us about their experiences and share with us their Legacy of Hope.

This film is suitable for showing to all audiences including primary and secondary schools, faith groups and community groups. We recommend that you view the film prior to public showing.

Educators using our film as part of their commemorations can also download from our education website

You can request a free DVD of this film by contacting the HMDT Team on 0845 838 1883 or by emailing enquiries@hmd.org.uk"
What they do here is quite beautiful and powerful, in this small piece really - so much is conveyed in ten minutes:

Watch HERE.


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