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 Well, I've finally made some head way studying *breathes out* finally, but it's still not enough. (--)"  But... at least it's studying... for now, with plenty distractions on the side though.

I love watching the Olympics, and my favorite events are probably gymnastics, diving, and swimming. It's been pretty good so far this year though some of the commentators and politics really bother me. The opening ceremony was amazing though. The aesthetics, the timing, the culture... I just loved it. (^_^) 

Oh, and while I've been stir-crazy waiting out the BSG hiatus, I finally caught with CSI, and this season's finale? I finally remembered why I adored this show. It's been a bit different since the fifth season (possibly earlier), but different wasn't necessary bad... just different. It's probably one of the best season finale's in the latter half of the series thus far, and the end was a complete surprise to me. What I enjoyed most was probably the renewed team spirit that has been missing since the... well, fifth season (for me at least). Reading the episode descriptions for next season (because I couldn't wait) *SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS* (nothing major though since they did put them in the episode description)

Sara comes back for a visit, not sure for how long though, Grissom is only staying for ten episodes, and the Warrick's death's case is going to be stretching for at least those ten episodes. I don't know how they'll be dealing with the story/plot line, but who knows? But I really liked most of the episodes this season, especially the last scene to the last episode. It was just pitch perfect in its own way. Also, I have to wonder as to how they will be painting Grissom's departure and how they fill THAT hole. I still love Cath apparently. And I actually liked Ecklie most of this season. LOL! Imagine that.

Funnily enough I've also been watching some interesting lifetime movies. Watching "I Me Wed" now.


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