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Hee, I'm celebrating surviving orgo chem lab with no permanent scarring [that I know of]. As fun as it was, it was exhausting. (><)" 

That said - re: title of entry:


There's no embedding allowed, but basically - they are making a movie out of the musical Nine! I am so excited. :D I saw the production they did with students here at the theater and absolutely LOVED it. And I finally saw and fell in love with Chicago recently, so I am thrilled to see this one! *SQUEES AND HAPPY FLAILINGS!* Also, JUDI DENCH is in this one. JUDI DENCH. And she's playing the PRODUCER. Frak. I really want to see this. LOL I don't know what happened to my patience.

There's something so completely different about watching a musical on stage and watching one on screen, but I LOVE both forms and their unique offerings... and just - *dances around looney* (Now all they have to do is pull through that rumored production of Sunset Boulevard and it'd be a great, musical year next year XD.)

*Deep breath*

Okay back to studying. (^_^)

Also, sidenote - if anyone's interested and has 500 Days of Summer playing near them - it was a funny and awesome movie (then again, my tastes vary widely on this front XD) - but it's a fun movie to watch with girlfriends. :D


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:21 pm
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Apparently today's the day for random occurrences. (^_^) 

1. Walking through a system influenced by a tropical storm is an interesting experience.

2. Frak is a word coming into everyday usage.

3. People actually eat out during this sort of weather.

4. I saw Richard Adar today! Okay, not literally. But the Lifetime channel was on, and the movie "Lies My Mother Told Me" was playing, and the lawyer came on, and I realized that he really looked familiar. Sort of like... Adar, so I decided to make sure and indeed, he is. The actor was Colm Feore. 

He's sort of a prick and gets murdered in this movie too. (^^)"""
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.



Feb. 24th, 2008 12:27 am
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Almost a weekly update pretty much... (^^)". Yep. So yes, uhmm, classes are okay; my first set of midterms is coming up. (o_o) I'm avoiding panic by avoiding serious thought of the exams. If only perception can actually become reality. (-_-) 

I spent the evening at the risk of going deaf. It was a charity concert by these indie rock bands for mental health issues, and I don't know. I only lasted with my friend through half of the first set. The room was way too small to adequately handle the sound, and yeah, my ears still hurt. 

As for anything else, I loved watching the Step Up movies, really nice dancing. (^_^)" Uhmm... I've watched half of "Hairspray" too, but I haven't finished that one yet. (o_o)... I'm on a media run basically. I've also watched the Reba episode of CMT: Giants twice in the past two days, which is pretty insane, but I just love it. Uhm... I've just upped my music craze as well recently thanks to some really good recs and some nice Youtube discoveries. 

Oh yeah. Dance rehearsal is fun, tiring fun, but still fun. Walking back to dorm at midnight after a two hour rehearsal when it is freezing outside is a bit daunting though. 

Off to read new manga chapters: "Eyeshield 21" is good... (^^)" And I'm waiting to see what happens between Ryoma and Yukimura. Meanwhile, PSet and Lab Report to finished along with writing assignment and Latin poems to translate.

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Hi... So yep, I'm posting again, just because I have to let go of this high... (^_^)

The day started with my first Latin exam of the new semester, and with little sleep since I was up until four last night finishing... Physics... ughh... That subject shall kill me one day. 

Oh, yes, the high. See the day was not all too pleasant to start out with but then I got some of my stuff from Amazon!... And yes, I'm still crazy about Reba, so I've been reading her second book ("Country from a Country Quilt") which is just plain adorable (I've never used that word to describe a book before either..., but it is), and I'm still listening to her LIVE album right now, and I just have to do this really quickly: 

Reba, you are totally rocking my world!    

I'm a nerd; I know that, and I've accepted it, but no, really. I just got the CD today, and here I am sitting in front of my computer in awe as she is performing vocal acrobatics. She really needs to get another live album out... (^_^) 

Oh, and I also got her "Forever Love" movie on DVD... 

On the other hand, I also watched an awesome movie the other night, if you like Japanese animation or stuff in the style of Miyazaki, I definitely recommend it. It just have that touch of magic mixed into the realism, and combine that with out of this world storytelling and animation style, and you'll get what I mean. It's called "The Millenium Actress."  


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