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Big Apple Comic Con – October 2, 2010 – New York, NY
(aka: The day I met Mary McDonnell) – a (slightly crackish/deadpan/rambly-long-winded) Transcription and Translation of partial notes (very partial as to be miniscule and single-worded with hyphens and arrows)

However, this does sort of go on… for a very long time, so if you would prefer a succinct summary of the most prominent points of this part of the panel – please refer to the following wonderful post by redrock: http://forums.syfy.com/index.php?s=929b7c59c8660ca8a3826c2bae76af59&showtopic=1230625&st=96320

Lots of rambly stuff, and I hope it's coherent and not too laggy. )

Edit 1: So, the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] meryl_edan has informed me that the name of the store is actually Lox Stock & Bagel, which is actually a chain. (And makes a lot more sense than what I have written above - unless, like me, you thought of a store that actually sells lottery and stocks as well as bagels. XD

Edit 2: From the lovely [livejournal.com profile] solonia, the final question from the adorable little girl asked what the hardest part of acting was. And to quote solonia: And I think her answer was - the hardest part of acting is giving yourself permission to do it. After that, it's easy.
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Hi! This is another one of those story ideas that wouldn't leave me alone until written (hence, my chronic though random bouts of actual writing). The timing (the song below is very fitting for my life at the moment) is also rather... inconvenient most of the times.

This is my first attempt at this fandom, and none of the characters actually belong to me. I am not sure if I manage to capture the characters, but I hope that I did succeed if only a little bit. As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Title: Pencil Drawings in the Afternoon Sun
Fandom: E/R (1985)
Characters: The Sheridan family
Genre: Gen (I believe?)
Rating: K+ (At most)
Words: 3070 (One-shot)
Spoilers: None really, except for some minor ones from throughout the show.
Summary: A bit of a prequel - there are moments in growing up that seem to define who we become - the shadows created by sunlight on paper that we choose how to trace out.

Some of Eve's earliest memories were of the quiet room... )
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BSG Spoilers... )
Anyway, please ignore the almost schizophrenic character of my posts lately - I need to sleep now.

A fic...

Aug. 4th, 2008 07:22 pm
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Title: Fugue
For MOL V with Prompt: courage
Rating: PG
Fandom: BSG
Spoilers: Anything up to and including 'Revelations'
Summary:They love, even in the intertwining boundaries of dream and reality, and it's in the boundaries between love and despair that they find themselves.



I feel as if I should seriously start studying since I said I would only freely enjoy summer vacation only up to the point of my Birthday and then spend the next two months studying for my make-up finals (I wish I didn't miss them... it's really hard going back to those class materials after so long). But... I'm still dawdling. I have books and fics I want to read, a strange need to write, and just... recovering from the basic lack of energy that marked my life two months ago. (--)" But I feel really guilty. *sigh* I guess I should stop complaining and just do everything. 

Oh! I ordered and received  Two Small Voices from Amazon along with the Fine Frenzy CD and the book The God of Animals (which I'm looking forward to reading ^_^). The movie was amazing (especially with my weakness for medical litigation), and both actresses excelled. The CD is beyond words. I haven't enjoyed music this much (just to sit back and do nothing except listen... I couldn't help it) in a while, and the lead singer... She is amazingly talented. She wrote all the lyrics which are beautiful and composed most of the music.
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I've been revisting so many lifetime loves recently. (^^) I should probably start studying for my make-up finals soon, but my uncle has an awesome movie collection.

He had Grand Canyon! I was so excited, and I finally saw Mary in it. I rewatched several wonderful bsg episodes. I also rewatched Underworld the other day, X2:X-men United yesterday, and I began re-watching The Phantom of the Opera today. I am still utterly fascinated by that storyline, though a bit altered from the original Leroux version by Webber. I believe my favorite version will probably alway's be in Susan Kay's multi-perspective Phantom, her own version with both combined Leroux's and Webber's influences. 

Two of my favorite scenes from the movie is above. (The choreography is utterly stunning.)

As for re-visiting great loves, my music collection is kind of getting a very strong workout, as well as re-reading beloved fics. The only thing I'm missing is a nice collection of books. I only have one with me at the moment, which I'm sort of afraid of finishing actually. It's a memoir, and it is quite fascinating. 

Oh! I'm also watching a Chinese TVB drama series with one of my favorite Chinese actors in it. I absolutely adore most of his work. He's pretty incredible and nicely intense.  And because I don't actually know how to embed correctly, the opening to one of my favorite dramas with him in it is the first vid above... (^^)"

EDIT: Uhmm... nevermind, embedding... I fail at it.
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Uhm... Frak.
If there ever was an episode that killed me... stabbed me in the heart and twisted all around nice and easy, this one would be it. Frak. This episode of BSG made me CRY. And Mary... Oh my gods Mary...

And oh yeah, maybe personal update... Hmm, I had to get a catscan this week because I've had a constant headache and dizzy spells for the past two weeks (I'm lethargic, constantly in pain, and unable to walk in a straight line, and both of my knees have been ripped to shreds because I've fallen over twice in my lack of balance; I've actually rolled head over heels sitting down ^_^") , so yep, it has not been a good week per se, but there have been major highlights. I survived my Latin recitation, and I got my last PSci midterm back. Not exactly sure what it means though since we didn't get the stats for this exam (--)".


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