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But sometimes, baseball fans can be as bad if not worse than fandom trolls...

And I'm not saying everyone - just some... (also, warning, I AM A YANKEES FAN, and seeing Derek Jeter in the twelfth inning broke my heart, so this may not be the most readable post because I am clearly biased and my feelings are being difficult and it is also really late) )

Anyway, I apologize to my f-list. None of whom are the actual targets of this bit of... rambling-rant. I just had to vent my feelings. ><"

Anyway, how are all of you? I haven't posted in more than a month... Wow. WHERE has the time gone? ><" Anyway, I'm being squashed by Midterm papers and such at the moment. Hopefully I'll survive. ;) I hope you are all doing well! ♥
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Hi guys! Sorry for apparently spamming, but... I just wanted to share.

First, one of my friends is working with the No Nonsense apparel company and doing the "Socks for America" tour. They are basically traveling to regions around the country to donate socks (provided by No Nonsense - who has committed to donating 1,000,000 pairs in the next two years) to underprivileged families and will be documenting in their blog on this site: http://socksforamerica.com/, as well as filming, their travels and experiences. They are donating socks because they are, to quote, "... one of the least donated items to charities and one of the most needed."

It's a sentiment I appreciate all the more as a person who's afraid of the cold and cold feet. It caught my attention in particular because socks are such a basic everyday item that it has never even come to my mind, and the company's no-nonsense name seems to fit right into it. (Also, all HP fans - remember Dumbledore!)

Anyway, more information can be found on the page above with info, also, on how you can help, or even if you just want to follow along in their endeavors and explore the country and its people and stories with them. They have a facebook page as well that you can "like" (ETA) and each like will mean another sock donated from the company. Just passing the info on, and it takes only a few seconds. Literally! :D
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RIP "The Boss"...
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YES!!! NUMBER 27!!!!!

On a slightly more personal note, it's hard to believe that their last pennant won was in 2000. That was the year my dad set my sister and I up (in tutus) to cheerlead for the Yankees in the subway series (to keep us from distracting him from the game). The same year I fell for baseball. :D This was the team that made me fall in love with baseball, and right now... I AM SO HAPPY!


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