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Hi, the little blurb on the side of my journal should sufficiently explain why I'm here. I am normally, a sane, quiet person with a flexible attitude and amiable nature. However, I also suffer from bouts of obsessiveness, paranoia, hyper-mania, and general psychosis : ). I'm here to make some friends, have some fun, and release some (hopefully) creative energies. My interests are as listed, but read-on only if you want the specifics. (88)'

Generally, I like to read. Reading is probably my greatest love and passion. I will read from almost any genre, from kids books, to comic books, to manga, to the classics, to historical fiction, nonfiction, science books, to fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy movies as long as there is something there to see. The actual items I listed are the ones I'm especially obsessive about. I do write a bit, but I am NOT a prolific writer. I prefer to read more, especially with fanfiction.

I support certain pairings: (tezuryo, kyouya/haruhi, kenshin/kaoru, daine/numair, and grillows are my favorites though)that can be called my OTP I guess, although I still don't know what that means. The tenipuri OT5 (tezu-ryo-fuji-ato-san)is my secret humor addiction. Meanwhile, I'll keep an openmind on anything that is well written. I have a profile under TheHamsterInMyMind. (Update: Much of this list is outdated - and I haven't updated on in who knows how long. ><" However, I still like what I like just with significantly MORE. XD)

Music for me is food for life. I play the piano and flute and like to listen to music from many different genres: classical, country, some modern...

As for favorite characters, I love all of the Ouran Cast (except maybe for a certain few *cough* Tamaki's grandmother *cough* and sometimes Renge is *cough* tolerable) though my favorites in order are Ootori Kyouya, Fujioka Haruhi, and Suou Tamaki followed by Mori, Hunni, Kaoru, and Hikaru. I love the entire Seigaku Tennis Team (they're my favorite team), and pretty much all the other teams as well. My favorite characters are Ryoma and Tezuka, then Fuji... and so on. In Harry Potter, my favorite characters are Dumbledore, Lupin, and McGonagall... Hehe. I love the entire graveshift CSI team although my favorites are Cath and Gil. I also love Rurouni Kenshin and absolutely adore Kenshin/Shinta.

The only thing I really dislike is hatred and character bashing (unless it is a wholly horrible, evil character that deserves it... like Umbridge... the Toad hehe).

Finally, I'll end this long rambling with these quotes:

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." - from a nifty key-chain I got from a friend

"Reality is a figment of the mind, a sign of madness, and true madness is genius."

"Live, dream, create..."
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