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Title: A Snippet, from A Series in a Bar for [livejournal.com profile] defyingnormalcy
Fandom: The Closer/Major Crimes
Genre: Gen (for now); will most likely be AU by the time we get more in later seasons
Rating: K+ (for now)
Word Count: c.800 (more or less)
Spoilers: Everything?
Characters/Pairings: primarily Sharon Raydor, Andrea Hobbs, and Gavin Q. Baker (though the rest of the Major Crimes squad, some background characters, and definitely Rusty, will come in later) - friendship for the most part now, may change later
A/N: This is going to be an 'ongoing' gift for [livejournal.com profile] defyingnormalcy. I realize that this first part is quite short, and quite possibly uhmm... I'm not sure how it is, but I hope it is okay! (I've forgotten how bad I am when attempting to jump into writing for a new fandom - also, I need to find a beta. LOL) I am hoping, in the course of writing this fic, which is almost like a series, that everyone of your prompts will be fulfilled. Thank you for pushing me to write this though - all the plans in the world would have meant nothing, if I gave it up. :D (Also, I apologize for being late. Muse have been withholding, despite my pleading and nerves.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Three lawyers walked into a bar, and the first one said...

A Snippet from A Series in the Bar, dedicated to defyingnormalcy:

The first time they meet, it is a complete accident, and they each hurry their own way without really registering the other person. Both Raydor and Hobbs had been reading the files in their hands, completely engaged, until they knocked right into each other. The files scattered across the floor, and both hurriedly bent to gather them back up. Their eyes remained on the information in their respective files, quickly picking them up and making sure not to mix them up.



The exchange was quick, mutual, and almost simultaneous, and they walked off in different directions after a quick exchange of smiles (eyes never meeting).

That week had been the new deputy district attorney’s third week in LA – after transferring location from San Francisco to Los Angeles. (Later, she would be glad that Sharon’s first impression of her would not be the frantic blonde with messy ‘nest’ hair, the untucked and stained blouse, and the seam running up her pantyhose – such was the result of her first case with the infamous deputy chief of the Major Crimes division of the LAPD.) They would, instead, be introduced a week later in an official and professional capacity when the retiring Chief of the LAPD introduces Captain Raydor to DDA Hobbs as the ‘legal liason’ of the department. He will secretly joke throughout the meeting that the captain is a sort of “jack-of-all-trades” for the department, saving them several salaries through her multiple professional capacities. The captain would smile along, roll her eyes, but look fondly at the old man who had recruited her to all those positions, seeing the opportunity to not only utilize her legal abilities, policy-minded focus, and attention to detail, but also to save money in a way that didn’t look like saving money. He was one of the few who appreciated her point-of-view and perspectives, understood her ambitions and overall goals, and truly, she would admire him more if only he would stop playing around the politics and favoring ‘the boys’. In the meantime, the DDA would take the time to smile, nod, even as her eyes do not stop running up and down the figure of the captain in her tailored suit, thanking God that she had at least been prepared this time to meet her.


Because, yes, the first real meeting between Andrea Hobbs and Sharon Raydor will be outside of the job and in a bar. It will be facilitated by Gavin Q. Baker – the third – on the Saturday of the week featuring their original run-in. They (Sharon and Andrea) will not recognize each other (having not looked up from their papers), but the bar is the resting place for many a good lawyer (and Gavin insists that Sharon will be a good old soulless one in his books until the day he dies).

Gavin glimpses her at the corner of the room when Sharon’s line of sight keeps on darting over. He will sigh, and drag Andrea over to their table despite Sharon’s repeated protestations, and the introductions commence.

Hobbs will have met Gavin several times since her initial arrival after a few run-ins at the courthouse (“He’s a difficult personality to forget.” Her exact words, which make both Gavin and Sharon smirk above their drinks, lures Sharon to finish for her, “I think you’ve just won the understatement of the year award.”)

“And how did you two meet?”

“At Stanford Law – been friends ever since.”


Gavin proceeds to describe his introduction to Sharon Raydor as a first-year student by the professor of his introduction to legal processes class. “From one favorite student to a former favorite student, he must have thought us a perfect match. Of course, we had to disappoint him.” It was many decades ago, when she still visited her old haunting grounds from time to time. “She was a legend there. One of the best and brightest, beloved and hated by her professors for her sharp tongue and arguments, and yet, she walked right out before graduation and the bar exam and straight to the academy to join the police force.”

Even as Andrea quirks her eyebrow in question for further explanation, none was forthcoming as a blush, most likely unrelated to the alcohol imbibed, rose on Sharon’s cheeks as her gaze turned downward towards the drink she was stirring.

“Well,” Gavin jumps in, his best skills being charming and filling in awkward silences (and tuning people out when they speak too much), “That would be telling wouldn’t it.” He stage whispers to Andrea conspiratorially, “She likes to remain mysterious. That’s how she draws her prey in.” It earns him a glare on one side and a blushing laugh from the other.


All three decide after that first night filled with jokes, laughter, and verbal barbs, that this must become a regular occurrence.
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