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But sometimes, baseball fans can be as bad if not worse than fandom trolls...

I mean, I understand it - it's the post-season. Feelings are running high. Everyone's in it to win it, but please, I would hope that if any player were to go down injured, the first reaction wouldn't be to mock them or jeer or cheer. I don't care if it's an opposing team's player, and I definitely don't care if it's a team I hate (not that I do hate any teams), it's not something to gloat about or to celebrate. The fact that Derek Jeter's first reaction even when going down screaming in pain with a broken ankle was to get the ball out of his glove as quickly as possible to hold the runners at the corners? Yeah - THAT? That is a guy who loves the game and gives it his absolute all. I grew up a Yankees fan (because of my dad), but I first fell in love with baseball because of this player. Watching him give it his all on the field during the games I saw my dad watch captured me completely. I'm not saying that this is life or death, because, yes, it is just a game, and there are more serious problems with the world today than this game (and even the game and series itself is bigger than just the one player), but please, just, at least be respectful? (Again, not directed to all, or even a majority of fans. Just some.)

And the ageist remarks? Are not funny. Yeah, he's "old" for a baseball player, and certainly, for a shortstop, but he's 38, and he led the major league in the regular season with the most hits, and he had the highest batting average of the ALDS among AL players. If he can play, let him play. I'm glad he loves the game. I'm glad to see young players like the Rockies' Tulowitzki be inspired by him.

Anyway, I apologize to my f-list. None of whom are the actual targets of this bit of... rambling-rant. I just had to vent my feelings. ><"

Anyway, how are all of you? I haven't posted in more than a month... Wow. WHERE has the time gone? ><" Anyway, I'm being squashed by Midterm papers and such at the moment. Hopefully I'll survive. ;) I hope you are all doing well! ♥
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